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Family Therapy


At this time, I am not seeing families/children for family therapy.

I continue to provide services for parenting support where parents only are seen.

Image by Rod Long

 Family dynamics can be tough for so many reasons.

Different personalities, triggers, and needs can influence functioning of the family.  

Throughout family therapy and parent support services, I place a high value on understanding the dynamics between child and caregivers. The unique backgrounds and specific triggers are important to identify as they influence interactions within and outside of the home.  Understanding a child's developmental and emotional level is also part of this process.  

Parental involvement is vital to the success of family therapy. As a parent, you can be the biggest change agent to your child's outcome. Because of this, I will meet alone with parents at minimum 4-6 times in order to gain a full picture of history, triggers, and concerns.


Further involvement of parents within the session will continue to be discussed on a case by case basis, though most of my work is with parents only, rather than child only. This is to ensure as parents, you are well equipped inside and outside the therapeutic setting to help your child with the specific concerns that brought you to therapy. 

Common Issues Addressed:

Anxiety, Depression, Grief/Loss, Attachment Insecurities, Developmental Trauma, Behavioral Concerns, Defiance, and Social Concerns

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